jueves, 30. agosto 2018, Utopicus coworking Plaça Catalunya, FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM PRESENTATION - Alicia Ribas

Desde 30. agosto 2018 - 9:00 Hasta 10:00

Utopicus coworking Plaça Catalunya

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Hello brave woman¡
Tired of your current job position? Are you thinking about creating your own Company? Willing to have more freedom, purpose, flexibility and growth? Or may be fighting on your own?
Becoming an entrepreneur is an act of courage that few women choose.
For those who want to start your own business, the truth is that it is a challenge in many areas. You need to decide which business idea to develope ( out of one thousand options in your mind) . You want to combine your experience, skills and make a living out of it.
The process of starting a company will make you go “out of your confort zone” and be focused on understand the needs your ideal customer, make the mínimum viable product/service, launch commercial proposals until you find enough customers to make your business a reality.
You will need the figures, create a website, branding, logo, social media strategy, legal and finance advice, the business plan, recruiting, finding the right providers or cofounders, looking for funding, pitching and a long long list.
The good news is that you can MONETIZE your KNOWLEDGE / EXPERIENCE but for sure you WILL DO IT BETTER AND FASTER surrounded by OTHER FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS with THE SAME OBJETCTIVES, and others, that have already achive it.
You will discover the 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES that 99% of entrepreneurs do that make their project fail ( we dont want you to do it)
You will REDUCE UNCERTAINTY & INSECUTRITY understanding theright steps to follow to create a company.
You will MEET OTHER FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS with the same goals, dreams and fears as you and you will live first hand the importance of NETWORK AND COMMUNITY.
You will find a solution to FIGHT AGAINST PROCRASTINATION

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You will receive a SOLUTION to set the DATE for your COMPANY.

Female entrepreneurs willing to create a their own business
Female entrepreneurs with previous experience that want to do it again. Yes, you are welcome to join us, this time, not only on your own.
Freelancers willing to change or grow client portfolio/services
Female professionals considering to become entrepreneurs
MY NAME IS ALICIA RIBAS and If I can avoid one woman, only one, to do the mistakes I did, and help her to succeed, these 60 minutes are totally worth it.
CARLA B. “It leaves everything much clearer. You gain confidence and you meet other female entrepreneurs who are just like you. It is very easy if you take the necessary steps”
when building your company
GABI N. “It leaves you with a very clear idea of what I have to do to move forward, and, above all, how important it is to be specific. I strongly recommend “
PETRA K. “I loved the inspiration, the community, the importance of deadlines and metrics”
KAYLA W. “I am creating my company and super recommend participation. You get all what you need to get customers”
ALICIA RIBAS, is a buiness coach, speaker and autor that actively promotes and participates in the professional women growth.

FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM PRESENTATION - Alicia Ribas, Utopicus coworking Plaça Catalunya evento

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