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Natalia Ferrari has selected some of the questions that they have asked and that you should never make her a prostitute.
Can you give yourself a good life with what you earn as a prostitute? That is to say, vacations, trips, exits to expensive places, or to buy many things that you like.
Yes, all that. And on Mondays I fill my gold tub with tickets and shower in them.
I think it's time to stop feeding that trend that divides the whores into vain women who only want to buy expensive handbags and sacrificed women who are in charge of five children, two dogs and a cat. Between those two stereotypes we are the people that we are simply doing and in fact our life is a bit of everything. Prostitutes are people with a thousand different interests and the "good life" that we can give ourselves sometimes depends on things that are not even under our control. Prostitution does not work in an idyllic world and classism, machismo, xenophobia and transphobia condition us all when it comes to work. In addition to the thousand personal matters that each one carries in his backpack. *** work is for many women with mental health problems the only way to get income without the pressure of a routine or accountability to third parties.
You look like an intelligent girl who could work on anything she set out to do. Why are you doing this?
Precisely because I am a smart girl I prefer to do "this" and not "that"! And look, I do not have the ESO finished.
*** workers are the most admirable women I've ever met. If you stopped cosificarnos you could see that the belief that only an idiot woman would choose to be a *****, is at least offensive. Not to say macho, retrograde and putphobic. Being a ***** does not mean becoming an inert body, our work is more complex than just opening your legs and looking at the ceiling. The independent compañeras have a small company in charge in which we need knowledge of marketing, branding and customer service, in addition to everything that implies being your own boss in a very competitive and stigmatized market. And both the autonomous and those who work in agencies or brothels, we require social and emotional intelligence so that our appointments are not a disaster. Why are these types of skills not valued? If you think there is only one kind of intelligence, here Ter tells you things you need to know. We will not underestimate whores, we charge for something that has been inculcated to us to give free because the labor options that they offered to us were short, and we do it because intelligence does not lack us to none. more info
The only question that arises is, given the sexual nature of your work, how do you do to be able to have relationships with people who do not give you anything? Both physically and mentally.
I have always said that what gives me my job is the context and that the other person's physique - or the story of his life - does not interest me because the important thing is the attitude and respect in the appointment. But let's put ourselves in the case that I can not choose my client and I'm not in the mood to work but I have to do the same because they charge me tofu and soy milk.
*** is not the same for all people. It tends to separate sexual experiences into pleasurable or traumatic, when sometimes they are as irrelevant situations as having to smile for hours at a badly educated person because you are facing the public representing a company and you can not treat it with all the hatred you want. . For some it is more psychologically exhausting to be eight hours a day cleaning than to **** with someone we do not like for an hour and get what others earn in several days of work. Because that's the kind of options that prostitutes have, feminized jobs in which no one cares if we enjoy folding clothes all day long while we are blaring the summer song in a loop. We have to stop imposing our vision of *** on others. We whores may not always enjoy sexually with all our clients, but that may not be a problem for us and at the end of the day, it is our decision.

Five questions you should never ask a *****, Barcelona evento



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