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Vallarta Factory

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It´s a walk with a friend through Vallarta´s most diverse and changing neighborhood, mistakingly called Old Town, as it isn't really old. We´ll check out the local market, then the streets, and then the most famous beach.
​You´ll experience daily life south of town, a mix of old and new homes and businesses, as well as all kinds of residents. A mix of local and touristy, traditional and contemporary, Mexican and foreign. Watch, listen, smell and learn. There are lots of picture opportunities and unique spots and activities to discover.
Why not mark your favorite spots on your gps so you can visit back later on your trip? Gather all the info you need to make your trip the best ever.
Experience Vallarta by the hand of a proud local.  


Interesting facts on local culture and (a tiny bit of) history.

Honest recommendations of Vallarta´s (cultural) activities and restaurants.

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Narrow cobblestone streets and eclectic architecture, amazing culinary scene, beautiful folk and modern art, unique local shops, and entertaining anecdotes. Simple local river and beach life mixed with a growing tourism industry.

Beautiful landmark spots, such as Cuale Island, Emiliano Zapata Market, Basilio Badillo St., Lazaro Cardenas Park and Los Muertos Pier. 

How longIt´s about 3 hours and about 3 miles, give or take.

How muchThe walk is free. However, as a gratuity, You Pay What You Want.
At the end of the walk, if you are happy, you contribute with the amount per person (in pesos or dollars) you feel is right. We will make sure you feel it’s worth every penny. 
Reservations are made on the honor system. You are making an honest commitment to attend a limited capacity group. Up to 12 people.

WhereWe meet at Los Arcos Amphiteater, a popular city landmark located downtown on the famous Malecon, across from the Church of Guadalupe. And we walk from there.

Select a date above an reserve your spot!
Dates not shown in the calendar are either full or not available.
Contact us at welovevallarta@ you would like to request a particular date or a private tour.
Also, scroll down to learn about other waks :)

*Walks do not operate in dangerous or severe weather. 

OldTown101 walk, Vallarta Factory evento

Super mega cotorreo yo pago todo

Super mega cotorreo yo pago todo

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