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Mar de Jade

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Level 4 Bio-Intro Trainer 
We are delighted to be running the next L4 Teacher training course in the beautiful resort of 'Mar de Jade' in Chacala, Mexico.
Where the Jungle meets the Sea...
Arrival Date: May 2nd
Training Starts: May 3rd
Training Finishes: May 15th
Departure Date: May 16th
Check out Mar de Jade:
Mar de Jade Story 
Mar de Jade Experience 
So, why travel that far? Great friends travelling together, healthy, tasty natural food, spectacular beaches, sunshine, crystal blue oceans, and did I mention Paradise!
...And of course there's the Training! We will be training you to teach a Level 1 Introduction Workshop in Bio-Energy Healing. Why? Because it will bring your practice to the next level while empowering the healing abilities in others. Being a Bio-Energy Trainer is one of the most rewarding careers imaginable. Even if you don't intend to teach, it will raise your profile as a therapist to have attended a Level 4 training and be a registered Practitioner and Trainer.
The Level 1 workshop has been re-modeled and upgraded to facilitate you to teach the techniques and theory to others in a simple step by step format. You can teach it privately (one to one), in a small group of six or a large group of 20+ people.

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With the many planetary changes taking place in our environment, there comes an awakening of spirituality and healing. You may have noticed that your frequency of energy has been rising over the past few years with a growing urgency to express your creativity.
Healing with Bio-Energy is a wonderful expression of this creativity and teaching Bio-Energy is the ultimate expression. As a teacher, you can be of greater service to a greater number of people and you will attract the ‘right’ students inline with your vibration for you to teach.
So what's involved in the L4 training course?  
The training will feature a breakdown of the Level 1 Training course and 'HOW' to teach each segment effectively.
L1 Bio-Inspired Saturday Curriculum 1. Course intro 2. The Fundamentals of successful energy healing 3. Techniques 1-12 4. 3 steps to mastering your energy and how to break limiting repeating patterns. L1 Bio-Inspired Sunday Curriculum 5. Recap 6. Stop Losing Power 7. Changing directions 8. Demo techniques 1-12 9. Techniques 1-12 in muscle memory 10. The Law of Attraction 11. Definition of great Health 12. Closing the L1 and certificates.
Part of the teaching will involve understanding each segment more thoroughly while learning and integrating 'accelerated learning tools.' These tools ensure that your students learn faster, easier and remember more of what they learn. The tools are guaranteed to increase the students' participation and excitement while studying the segments and learning the powerful bio-energy healing techniques, ensuring a more integrated experience.
The training will include personal development practices designed to build your public speaking and teaching confidence! You will have the opportunity to practice teaching one to one, and then in small groups and eventually graduating to a full audience.
We will break down the 12 L1 Bio-Energy techniques so that you can fully understand, communicate and demonstrate them at a teaching standard. We will also show you how to make corrections effectively.
During the two weeks you will gain many of the insights from Michael's 23 years of experience and study; including defusing control dramas, increasing fun and participation, setting great context, tuning into and assisting your students with their issues, creating an environment that supports a safe place for students to heal and create positive change.
You'll learn the following Bio-Teaching Methods:
Holding pure energy for a group
Being able to hold the energy of a group means being able to reflect your students issues back to them without getting caught in a control drama. This lesson will reveal what issues of your own you are projecting onto any given situation. Michael teaches the secret of holding pure energy to teach with clarity.
Clearing the vessel
When you are clear mentally and emotionally, the frequency of energy you are able to hold and radiate becomes higher and more pure. The teacher course will assist you to raise your energy and will challenge both the warrior and wizard within you.
Teaching from the void
Michael will present how he works from the void and how you can too. Passing on the teaching of the void is the key to staying healthy as a practitioner and teacher.
The Bio-Energy techniques
Know and understand what you are teaching so that you teach what you know with confidence. You will receive the ‘teacher’s version’ of the how, why and when for each of the 12 L1 techniques.
Training tools for teaching the techniques successfully
Movement, speed, stance, timing, focus, breathing, posture, linking, connecting, holding, projecting, clarity, light, colour, sound, elements, passion, yin, yang, energy, channelling and intent are just some of the tools that you will learn to effectively teach Bio-Energy techniques to ensure results for your students.
How to captivate and keep the attention of your students
There are many tools and systems to help you present information. However, the Bio-Energy Teacher course takes you further than just presenting the training. Using accelerated learning, the course shows you interactive techniques to engage your students and awaken their chakras. It will help you discover the fun, wise and joyful teacher within.
Transmit the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual essence of Bio-Energy training
It is not enough to teach with knowledge alone and no understanding. It is our spiritual duty as teachers to fully understand the mysteries and secrets of energy to the best of our ability. This allows us to raise our own energy frequencies as well as those of our students. If we are not healthy, we must become healthy. We must embrace that which we seek to teach.
Course guidance
After 23 years of teaching Bio-Energy, Michael has put together this new version of this L4a training program to guide you and your students to develop your energy system. Prevent the common mistakes students make and guide them correctly from the beginning. Separate the facts from fiction and teach in a positive, empowering way.
A great teacher embodies qualities of healing, truth, light, love, honesty, purity, enthusiasm, power, peace, ability, communication, creativity and compassion. A great teacher is able to hold a strong vision for many people. They are able to work on multidimensional levels and at the same time can take care of themselves.
Participants who successfully graduate from the teacher training course will receive a L4a Bio-Level 1 International Trainer Diploma issued by Michael D'Alton's School of Bio-Energy Healing. This diploma grants permission to teach the bio-energy techniques and theory for the level 1 Bio-Inspired Training Course. Graduation will take place on the last day of the training course.
Full training tuition: $3995
Early Bird discount $1500
Early Bird Tuition Total: $2495

Puchase a deposit ticket of $350 now to secure your space.
Please note that space is limited and this course is expected to sell out.
We have a Facebook Group for the Level 4 Training for participants to connect, ask questions, organize shared accommodation, coordinate flights and plan your adventure!

The 4 main fees are...
1. Early Bird Training Tuition: $2495 (due by **)
2. Two week accommodation fee (including meals) ranging from $1450-$3450 USD (various options). Rates include a gratuity of $10 USD per night. Accommodation is booked directly with Mar de Jade, please refer to accommodation information below.
3. Flights are approximately $400 - $800 from Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta, depending on the airline.
4. Mar de Jade will arrange your transportation from the airport. The transit shuttle fee ranges from $20 - $100 USD (paid to the driver in cash) depending on the number of people traveling in the vehicle (1=$100, 2=$50 each, 3=$40 each, 4=$35 each, 5=$30 each, 6=$25 each, 7=$22 each, 8=$20 each). The journey from Puerto Vallarta Airport to Mar de Jade is 90 minutes. To book your shuttle please email taxi@mardejade.com with your flight details. Approximately 2 weeks prior to your trip, Mar de Jade will notify you of whether or not you are sharing a shuttle and how much the shuttle will cost.
Savings for you:
There are no taxes due on your acommodation and food.
There are no taxes due on overseas training.
The early bird course tuition has been heavely discounted so that the savings can go towards your travel and accomodation.
Remember to keep all your receipts, everything is tax deductable from your Bio-Energy business.
I know it is still a big investment, however if you are going to keep investing in yourself, then this is it, this is the vacation (um, I mean business trip) that you will remember for the rest of your life. You will also get to deepen your friendships with your Bio-Buddies and make some wonderful new ones!
Payment plan:
We request that you pay the balance of the training course at your earliest convenience.
Or, you can arrange a monthly payment plan, to make arrangements please contact Catherine: catherine@daltonsbio.com or 604-612-0941.
Please make your payments by cheque payable to: Michael D'Alton's School of Bio-Energy Healing.
Postal address: 540-1755 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6G 3B7
Training Grant options: Some of you may qualify for a Government Training Grant, please contact stephanie@granted.ca for more information. To qualify for a grant in BC you must have had your own business for a minimum of one year. 
International Training refund and payment policy:
Course fees are due in full prior to the training start date. 
Up to 60 days prior to training, course fees paid are non-refundable but are transferable to another training. Less than 60 days prior to training, no refund or transferring of fees can be applied. There are no refunds once applicable tuition fee has been transferred. 
Two Week Training Schedule  (subject to change)
SaturdayArrival Day Free timeSunday 9am-6pm 7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class6pm DinnerFree timeMonday 6am-10pm 6am-7am  Morning practice7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class6pm Dinner7:30pm Class 10pm CloseTuesday 6am-10pm6am-7am  Morning practice7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class6pm Dinner7:30pm Class 10pm CloseWednesday Potential day offThursday 6am-10pm 6am-7am  Morning practice7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class6pm Dinner7:30pm Class 10pm CloseFriday 6am-6pm 6am-7am  Morning practice7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class 6pm Dinner                                                                                                                 
SaturdayPotential day off Sunday 9am-6pm 7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class6pm DinnerMonday 6am-10pm 6am-7am  Morning practice7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class6pm Dinner7:30pm Class 10pm CloseTuesday 6am-10pm6am-7am  Morning practice7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class6pm Dinner7:30pm Class 10pm CloseWednesday Practice and integration day
Thursday 6am-10pm 6am-7am  Morning practice7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class6pm Dinner7:30pm Class 10pm CloseFriday 6am-6pm 6am-7am  Morning practice7:30am Breakfast9am Class12:30pm Lunch3pm Class6pm Dinner                        
SaturdayHomeward bound
Pre-training videos and downloads
Pre-training videos:
A few months prior to the Level 4 training in Mexico, you will receive access to full training videos of the level 1 Bio-Inspired training course for you to review.
You will receive a L1 student manual/workbook that you can use while reviewing the L1 videos.
You will also receive a step by step L4 Trainer Manual to download, print and bring with you to L4. 
After the Course: 
You will receive templates for the student manual, name badges, certificates etc...
Course Tuition Includes:
14 days of adventure
L4 Bio-Intro Training course with Michael D'Alton
Bio-Teacher Manual
Bio-Student Manual 
Bio-Techniques videos
International L4 teaching certificate
Ongoing support
Your accommodation is booked directly with Mar de Jade (info@mardejade.com or call 1-800-257-0532). Rooms are assigned on a first-reserve basis, please book early for a wider choice of room types and occupancy! Mar de Jade only books complete rooms, if you'd like to share and don't yet have a room mate please let me know (catherine@daltonsbio.com) and I can reach out to our group with your request. With the exception of the Dorm bed accommodation, Mar de Jade cannot guarantee shared rates if you book a room without a confirmed room mate. Please note accommodation prices below are for 2 weeks including all meals and staff gratuity. Prices are listed in US dollars (the accommodation fee does not include bar drinks, spa treatments, excursions, transportation and gratuities for these extra services). Upon booking your room, Mar de Jade requests a 50% deposit with the balance paid 2 weeks prior to your arrival.
Here is a description of the available accommodation:
Ocean Rooms: These rooms have an unobstructed ocean view and a balcony or terrace. All have bathtubs and some have a separate shower. Some have futons and a separate sleeping space (appropriate for children). Most ocean rooms are on the third and forth floors and require steps to climb. Ocean rooms have A/C. (Prices per person: Single: $3450, Double: $2450, Triple: $2050, Quad: $1850)
Garden Rooms: These rooms have a view of the lush tropical gardens and a terrace or outside sitting area. They are all on the ground floor, some have a few steps and some have ramp access. All have bathtubs, some also have a separate shower and a futon. Garden rooms have A/C. (Prices per person: Single: $3250, Double: $2250, Triple: $1916.67, Quad: $1750)
Guest Rooms & Guest Lofts: These rooms are more basic, with no outdoor area and most face the jungle or gardens. Most have showers only and only 8 units have A/C, all the rest have ceiling fans. (Prices per person: Single: $2750, Double: $1850)
Dorm Bed: This is a single bed in a Guest Loft room with 4 people of the same gender sharing. This option is the guaranteed shared rate of $1450 per person.
Mar de Jade recommends the Ocean and Garden rooms for anyone seeking a spacious and comfortable room with a decor of elegant simplicity. Guest rooms are a great choice for anyone on a budget who doesn't need a lot of frills because they'll be spending most of the day in class or at the beach. 
To view photos of the accommodation on the Mar de Jade website, please click here. Please note that the accommodation rates listed on their website will be higher than the special 'group rate' offered to our students.

Level 4 Bio-Intro Trainer, Mar de Jade evento



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