viernes, 24. mayo 2019, Los Arcos De Malecón Sculpture, Puerto Vallarta Travel Photography Workshop

Desde 24. mayo 2019 - 10:00 Hasta 13:00

Los Arcos De Malecón Sculpture

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Seascape, travel and street photography workshop in Puerto Vallarta. We will meet at the Los Arcos de Malecón sculpture. (Morelos s/n, Centro, Puerto Vallarta, Jal. 48300.) Discover the heart of Puerto Vallarta and capture its beauty in the form of seascapes street and travel photography.In this 3 hour course, you will receive photographic instruction for shooting architectural details, street style photojournalistic images, and stunning seascapes with hands-on assistance and feedback while taking photographs, so bring your cameras! You will learn long exposures, creative techniques for street photography, lighting tips, your camera specific questions will be answered and more! Visit iconic Puerto Vallarta sites like the Malecón and Plaza de Armas to learn how to create stunning seascapes using different camera settings and filters.

A local farmers' market or a busy town square are some perfect opportunities for street and travel photography in order to document the true culture of a new destination. 

All camera types and skill levels are welcome. Cameras are preferred over phones. 
This walking course will cover the best of what Centro Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Bring water and comfortable walking shoes! 
Upon registering, you will recieve a list of camera equipment reccommendations and travel safety tips, as well as some photography notes and guides to take home. 
The cost per ticket is $1100 pesos (approx. $55 USD). There are additional taxes and fees for purchasing tickets on Eventbrite. 
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a private tour. 

Puerto Vallarta Travel Photography Workshop, Los Arcos De Malecón Sculpture evento

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