lunes, 17. junio 2019, Hotel Rosita, at the lobby., Chocolate101 walk

Desde 17. junio 2019 - 9:30 Hasta 12:00

Hotel Rosita, at the lobby.

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A relaxed afternoon of chatting, learning about cacao and tasting delicious chocolate treats. A fantastic cultural and gastronomic experience with a local friend.
​You´ll learn the history of chocolate and how cacao is processed into chocolate drinks and bars, and even beauty products. We will visit 4 different chocolate spots in the south neighborhoods. First, we will learn how chocolate is made at the Chocolate Museum, where we will also try different kinds of chocolate and even watch them make it from scratch. Then we will visit two amazing chocolate factories and a unique chocolate inspired cafe. It's artisan chocolate and fine chocolate - Mexican and Belgian, bars and bombons, chocolate drinks and chocolaty desserts. A little history, some culture and lots of chocolate. It's interesting, fun and delicious!
Delicious lunch options will be available, so bring your apetite.
Join us and find out why we say cacao is the super food of the Gods.

You take care of your check
At every food stop, you will learn the menus and prices. We will guide you and recommend the most authentic and representative foods and dishes. Then you pay for your own food. 
The total expense per person for a filling lunch is the equivalent to between $15 and $20 USD at the very most. Bring your pesos (we´ll help you wih the exchange if necessary) and your apetite!

How longIt´s about 3 hours and about 1.5 miles, give or take.

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How muchThe walk is free. However, as a gratuity, You Pay What You Want.
At the end of the walk, if you are happy, you contribute with the amount per person (in pesos or dollars) you feel is right. We will make sure you feel it’s worth every penny. 
Reservations are made on the honor system. You are making an honest commitment to attend a limited capacity group. We prefer small groups. Up to 6 people.
Please read the FAQ on our website for details.

WhereWe meet at the main entrance / lobby of the traditional Rosita Hotel, a popular historic building located at the north end of the Malecon, a block away from Hidalgo Park. The meeting point is easily accesible by bus, uber or taxi or by walking the very famous Malecon.

Select a date above an reserve your spot!
Dates not shown in the calendar are either full or not available.
Contact us at welovevallarta@ you would like to request a private tour or a particular date.

*Walks do not operate in dangerous or severe weather. 

Chocolate101 walk, Hotel Rosita, at the lobby. evento

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