miércoles, 26. junio 2019, Sagardi Rooftop, Swiss Community Anniversary Party & Charity

Desde 26. junio 2019 - 20:00
Hasta 27. junio 2019 - 2:00

Sagardi Rooftop

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This day will mark our first-year anniversary and we will celebrate this occasion the way it deserves to be celebrated. We will be hosting a midsummer party with drinks, canapés and music for all our members and friends.
The SCM wants to make this celebration a memorable one, and therefore we would like to host our fundraiser throughout in order to help the less fortunate. Many of you already have been made aware of REPSA, our charity counterparty who will provide solar panels in the rural areas of Mexico. In order to raise money, we will be organizing a lottery with incredible and attractive prices, whereas all the proceeds will go to REPSA.

Swiss Community Anniversary Party & Charity , Sagardi Rooftop evento

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