miércoles, 05. febrero 2020, Tulum, Tulum Replenish Me Retreat

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Mexico Tulum Retreat
As a powerhouse, you must be replenished to powerfully show up in the world. You are starting a new decade and a new era. Being a visionary means being completely self-aware. That awareness must be packaged with self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-trust and self-belief. People have and will disappoint. You have made decisions that have given you an undesirable result and you will probably do it again. However, you can lessen the effect of whatever, whoever and however life presents itself with the Replenish Me Road Map.
Over four days, envelope yourself in possibility and embody everything to be that servant leader your heart desires without the heart burden. This is a special invitation to women who are ready to create time and space amongst your many passions. During the retreat, I will interview guests to highlight what they bring to the world. In this way we are supporting each other.
Will you join me?

We all meet at the welcome soca party. Moving and rewarding your body for the arrival! The ten of us share about our desire for rebirth and eat high quality food. Then sleep early.
We will stay in a luxury home with a gourmet chef working towards your desired outcome. Taking new steps in a new community of women on the same path.
The next day we start with body movement and breath work. Again high quality breakfast and then ways to keep your body and mind at peak performance everyday. The morning workshop on embodying self-nurturing awareness techniques and mind shifting processes tantalize your palate for a more concrete way to visualize your 2020.
We reconvene after lunch for the Vision Board Experience with an expert. Evening free for massage and whatever your heart desires. Just be sure to be fully available body, mind and soul for the soul shifting and emotional awareness on day 2. 

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Here’s a tentative itinerary

Day 1
Morning - Body Awareness, Mind Shifting,
After lunch - Vision Board Experience to make your vision a reality for 2020
Evening free
Day 2 Day trip 
Day 3 Soul Shifting and Emotional AwarenessAfternoon - Mystery excursion
Evening Dinner party
Day 4
Replenishing breakfast and send off
What’s Next?
This is not a weekend getaway it’s a journey with a community to operate at your highest level. In fact, it’s a year long journey which begins with one step, our time together in Tulum. Let’s be real!
How many retreats have you attended that pretty much left you hanging? 
Do you know where your journal and notebooks are with all of “keys” to success or transformation lay wasting away in dust?
Have you done the work that you committed to do and agreed to in sacred sisterhood?
If you’re still reading, this retreat is for you. 
At the very core of your soul, you know that you deserve more. You have been cheating yourself by not using your gift and you don’t want to struggle another one minute, hour, month, year and definitely not another decade!
Will you accept my invitation? For the full investment details schedule a call today. 
Total package includes:
Airport transfers
Most meals
All workshops and vision board materials
Year long mastermind program
A second retreat to close our year together
Not included
Spa treatments
Miscellaneous purchases
Your committee to to do the work

Minimum $1,000 deposit. Complete investment will be discussed on the call

Payment plans available.

Schedule a call with the link above.

Tulum Replenish Me Retreat, Tulum evento



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