Acerca de Quillacollo, Bolivia

Quillacollo is the capital of Quillacollo Province in Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. The municipality was established on 14 September 1905 under the Presidency of Ismail and growthThe city of Quillacollo is located 13km westward of Cochabamba City. Quillacollo's population is 74,980 based on the 2001 census. The National Statistics Institute estimated in 2010 that the population had grown unexpectedly rapidly to approximately 142,724. The increase in population makes Quillacollo the second fastest growing city in Bolivia after El Alto in La City is one of the various provincial capitals around Cochabamba City, which are increasingly swallowed by the extending perimeter of "greater" Cochabamba (city).Quillacollo is linked to the city of Cochabamba through the Avenida Blanco Galindo, a particularly busy stretch on the main national highway. Quillacollo is mostly a market town with a sizable agricultural hinterland, but also hosts some relevant industry and a district court which supports a relevant population of lawyers.

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